Household goods and personal effects

Regardless of whether you move internationally or within Poland you can count on the friendly service offered by our crew. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big for us. In our professional activity, we have provided removal services for the most demanding customers from the most demanding organizations in the most difficult regions of the world. BM Relocation Services combines local experience with knowledge of international standards and requirements.

With BM Relocation Services central location in Warsaw we are perfectly suited to cover the whole country.

Domestic moves

With no compromise to quality we worked out a plan to combine our international services with domestic removals.

On your domestic move which requires normally much less hassle with documentation, time planning, distances to cover etc. we will advise you on what part of the process can be done by yourself and what has to be left to the movers. We have packing and storage option plans that will allow you to do some pre-packing or unpacking works yourself, store temporarily your goods and save part of your budget.

We can supply you in advance with appropriate packing materials and offer assistance in those moments you think you may not be able to perform yourself. You will always have the option to use our complete door-to-door service when you think that you prefer to do something different at the same time.

Flexibility on domestic relocations is essential since it allows our customers to be more involved personally in the process than on big international works.

International and intercontinental

At BM Relocation Services we are committed to provide world-class moving solutions of the top quality for individuals and their families. With a proven record of expertise, we have the resources to make your move a success from start to the end. The secret of our success is our experience that we gathered by working over 25 years for the most re-known moving organizations in the World. At BM Relocation Services we are aware that a smooth move requires detailed planning and project management.

Through the world-wide network of our partners we will plan and manage your move from the very early stage until the very last moment from or to whatever location in the world you may choose.

We offer:

  • full door-to-door planning and management
  • pre-move consultancy and surveys
  • full packing and origin service
  • export – import formalities
  • shipping by land, sea or air depending on the choice
  • full destination services
  • storage short term and long term storage
  • pet, car and fine art transportation
  • assistance in insurance programs
CTA - obraz


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