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International move management

At BM Relocation Services we are committed to providing world-class moving solutions of the top quality for individuals and their families.

With a proven record of expertise, we have the resources to make your move a success from start to the end. The secret of our success is our experience that we gathered by working over 25 years for the most re-known moving organizations in the World. At BM Relocation Services we are aware that a smooth move requires detailed planning and project management. Through the world-wide network of our collaborators we will plan and manage your move from the very early stage until the very last moment from or to whatever location in  the world you may choose.

We offer:

  • full door-to-door planning and management
  • pre-move consultancy and surveys
  • full service packing
  • export – import formalities
  • shipping by land, sea or air depending on the choice
  • full destination services
  • storage short term and long term
  • pet, car and fine art transportation 
  • assistance in insurance programs 

In our professional lives we serviced the most demanding customers from the most demanding organizations very often in the most challenging areas in the world. BM Relocation Services puts together on the table local experience with international expertise.

The benefits of using BM Relocation Services include:

Full logistics and delivery plan.

No operational delays or unnecessary loss of revenue

Experienced management providing a proactive, hands-on service